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Instructions and Help about How to complete va form 40-1330

Applause Music APA we are honored to have partnered with tribal and state governments for the past 40 years to prgrants to help build veteran cemeteries in local communities since 1978 we've helped our partners by providing over 766 million dollars in grants to establish veteran cemeteries but we're not done yet and we're going to continue that partnership that 38,000 would not have had convenient access as we define it in VA if it were not for the veteran cemetery grants program in that commitment of states and tribal governments there are women who went to war because they had to whose brothers were injured and a sister rode in to protect him and she plot and she was able to save him Music it was just such a feeling of pride even though it was sadness that we were bringing our mother to her final resting place and even though I had her all these years it's still hard it's still hard I was real emotional and I never thought Dino's were beautiful but I felt that that was the most beautiful service I've ever been to the wind was blowing just like it is today up here there's always a wind that just that just wraps you up that does hold you tight the day of Ronnie's funeral it was it was a very beautiful day Ronnie being at the Veterans Cemetery I know that his headstone is taken care of the grounds all around him is being taken care of and that that has helped a lot with the healing because it's a comfort our main partner in constructing a facility like this is our partnership with the National Cemetery administration and specifically the Veterans Cemetery grants program if it wasn't for that partnership that makes a project like this possible states probably wouldn't build as many of these facilities as they do the role of the national cemeteries and our location being a state cemetery is really a true partnership role this cemetery serves a great number of those veterans that may have not otherwise chosen a national or State Cemetery just because it was too far away from their community in order for the cemetery to come to fruition it took power in numbers we had many programs involved we had many veterans groups involved the Veterans Administration provided a funding for this cemetery everybody worked together to get it done we are a sovereign nation within a sovereign nation some of my great-grandfather's felt that that covenant of that treaty bonded us to also protect this country and before we were considered u.s. citizens some of my great-grandfather's fought in World War one having that commonality of serving this country the cemetery is a testament of the US government tribal governments wanting to work together this is a place that's saying to all the servicemen and women we've got your six when you need us we're here I'm lucky my husband.


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